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I've been a radio and club DJ since 1990, with a couple of breaks in there... My philosophy is: Since I can't make the music, I do what I can to support those who can!

From 2010 until 2022, I was one of the hosts, along with DJV, of Darkest Before Dawn on KOOP Radio in Austin, TX, USA where we played Goth, Industrial & Other Related Genres. I am still contributing behind the scenes from an ocean and half a country away, and you may still hear me on the show from time to time.


My current outlet for DJ'ing is my weekly mixshow titled DJ AsuraSunil's Sunday Seven, which can be found via multiple outlets - some of which can be found listed at

CKMS-FM, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (1990-91) - co-host of The Sunny & Toast Show
CHRY-FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1992-94) - volunteered in the Library and on various shows
GWRadio, Washington, DC, USA (2000-2003) - host of Asura's Stuff
KOOP 91.7FM, Austin, Texas, USA (June, 2010-June, 2022) - co-host of Darkest Before Dawn KOOP

The Cock & Bull Pub, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Catacomb, Washington, DC, USA
Dark City, Washington, DC, USA
[?], Washington, DC, USA (yes it was called [?], I did not forget the name and put in a placeholder)
Elysium, Austin, Texas, USA

Convergence 19 (Austin, Texas, USA)
Convergence 23 (Dallas, Texas, USA)
Shadows & Rhythm Festival (1-4) (Austin, Texas, USA)

Go Fight - Icarus (DJ AsuraSunil's BSotW ReMix)

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